Edward Sutherby

Doctor of Thaumaturgy, Rising Opera star, Artisans son


Edward Sutherby was born in to the height of the newley emerged middle class. His father, William Sutherby is the proprietor of the most exclusive artisans establishment in London, famed for its bespoke settings of precious jewels brought back to Britain from all across the empire. It is said you are not truly well to do if you do not have a piece from Sutherby’s. Edwards mother was a woman of particular beauty and was said to have a voice as sweet as honey.

When Edward was 10 tragedy befell the family. Edwards mother was killed in an incident involving a demon. Edward himself was severely wounded and ever since the incident has acquired a most peuliar ability. He can sense and in some cases see demons. After the event a rift emerged between father and son. With the loss of his wife William was heart broken and the once kind and gentleman became ever more distant from his son as the young boy constantly reminded him of his loss. Edward harbored bitter feelings towards his father as he could not understand why he had not been able to protect them.

Though being trained as an artisan by his father Edwards true passion lied with his music, a passion imparted to him by his mother. He would spend all his time practicing the piano forte and singing. He became part of the local church choir and threw himself in to the arts. When he wasn’t pursuing music or dutifully learning the profession of his father Edward was consumed by another obsession, the study of demons and specifically how one could protect others from them as he never again wanted to be helpless should other he loved be subjected to the horrors he and his mother had endured.

At the age of 18 Edward received a prestigious scholarship to Kings University College of London. William was not at all impressed that his only son was leaving the family profession to become of all things a musician. The two men quarreled that night when Edward broke the news. The next morning he left for the private accommodation provided by the college. They have never spoken since though are inevitably associated with one another by the fame the Sutherby name now carries.

While at the college Edward excelled in the field of Opera becoming renowned for his sweetness of tone and excellent harmonic control. His many recitals at the college caught the attention of many in artistic circles and it wasn’t long before Edward was able to find work as an operatic tenor and was being talked about as a talent to watch for the future.

In between recitals, Edward made extensive use of Kings University Library and continued to read as much folklore around demonology as possible. It was here that Edward first met Professor Elrohir Anwarünya. The professor had been watching the young tenor for a while, first having seen him at a private recital arranged by the Dean of Kings for many of the well to do of London. He had been quite taken a back by the young humans mastery of singing and decided he would be perfect to help him with his research. In the library Anwarünya engineered an introduction through the librarian and in his elvish, lighthearted fashion, steered the conversation towards his line of study. Anwarünya was researching in to the power of harmonics in the field of Thaumaturgy and so it was that Edward began to help the professor with his research. After his undergraduate degree he achieved a Doctorate in Thaumaturgy and became a research fellow under the professor at Kings, researching particularly in to the use of harmonics of the human voice to produce a multitude of spell like effects. While researching Edward continues to develop his opera career and because of his success, continues to socialise with the well to do almost as one of their own. It is generally considered that his star currently is in ascendance.

Edward Sutherby

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