Lt. Col Thomas Makepeace

Scully's employer


The Colonel is a young man of about 30 years. His right leg has been amputated a few inches above the knee and his artificial replacement only allows him to walk with a limp.

The leg was lost in a tangle with a weretiger on the subcontinent and he only survived because Harry shot the beast as it tore into the leg.

After being invalided home and having his leg seen to, Thomas turned to a more academic approach to the natural and unnatural worlds. He has amassed a significant collection of lore and his advice can be helpful when trying to track a, for want of a better word, monster. He still collects trophies, but usually depends on others to collect them for him.

He enjoys the theatre and has a box at The Palace. He does not admit to appreciating the opportunity to stretch his leg out and sit in one place for couple of hours.

Lt. Col Thomas Makepeace

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