Scully & Sutherby

Casefile 001

Puppet Masters

It begins as so many things do with a night at the theatre, the Palace Theatre to be exact, as run by Mr. Jacob Garrak.

The bill for the evening featured both Edward Sutherby and The Little Town Of Marionettonsvile presented by Herr Johan Drossel. While the stage magician “The Amazing Alvan” brought the house down when he was chased from the stage by Harrison Scully durring his “Sword Box” trick following an incident involving Scully’s trousers and an aformentioned sword.

During the second house Sutherby noticed the addition of a doll to the line up of the show. At the same time Scully heard rumours of children vanishing from the streets.

The following morning saw a visit to Lt. Col Thomas Makepeace by Archibald Kempston who set Scully to investigate the governments suspicions about Drossel and his show. Whilst Sutherby delt with press men outside the Palace. Drossel hadn’t been seen since after the second house.

On his way to meet Garrak Sutherby found a blood stain on the stage. Later he met with the new stage hand Harry Scully. The two of them went on to investigate Drossel’s dressing room and its population of puppets.

The physical examination revealed one to be heavy wet and slightly sticky. Slicked with blood.
Sutherby however has seen the energies of a haunting sorrounding them. The two were then aproached by the demonic appering puppet Collodii


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