Scully & Sutherby

Casefile 001

'arry speaks

“an incident involving my trousers”, well a’int we being all la de da tonight. The ‘orrible little midget didn’t know how his own trick worked. Being prodded in the buttocks with a blade isn’t my idea of a good night out, good thing for Mister Garrak that I know ’ow to put on a performance.

I was only up on stage in the first place because the Colonel thought it would be fun to volunteer me, I tell you, if he didn’t pay well, I’d be out of his employment like a shot — despite everything we’ve been through.

It was ‘is idea for me to go snooping around the theatre too. That’s how I ran into Mister Sutherby, yes, him with the voice. He was poking around the same sorts of things that I was taking an interest in, so I suggested a pooling of resources. Always useful to have a look out when you’re going somewhere you ain’t supposed to be.

I weren’t counting on being caught with me hands around a bloody puppet just as a man sized wooden monster turned up though.


AndineParadox dorward

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