Scully & Sutherby

Casefile 002

Death in Blackpool

With The Palace closed for renovation Sutherby needed an engagement and MI7 had rumblings of strange goings on in Blackpool.

Sutherby was sent to audition for The Winter Gardens with his new man servant (Scully) in tow.

Scully had heard from his friend Koad of strange goings on in Blackpool especially at night.

And it was on the beach that they were attacked…

The reanimated dead (Seemingly augmented by technology came from the sea. Investigation at daybreak and low tide revealed an outflow pipe seemingly leading to the Towers Hydrolic accumulator.

The line led the hidden lab of Dr. Heinrich Kemmler. Further investigation and work led to the discovery that Kemmler was working on a longevity formula based on a herb found in the Congo.

His Lazzerus formula it turned out would revivvify the dead but also required the addition of technological componants and large quantities of electricity.

A firefight ensued and Kemmler was victim of his own refined process. His notes however had already been sent to the Queens physician Dr. Adolphos Fabian.


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